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SGARN HF Content Guide
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SGARN HF Content Guide

SGARN policy is to only send news and information of interest to amateurs, originating from established, respected sources. That generally means the various ARRL bulletins, an HTML version of Southgate Radio News eMails, AMSAT bulletins, etc..

No soap-box BS. - Save all of that for the internet, this is ham radio.

A SGARN SYSOP can update the files to be multicast by listening to another SGARN server, or you can get them via eMail from the ARRL, Southgate Amateur Radio News, etc.. W1AW is not a good source because errors will creep in, even if you usually get good copy. There is no error detection or correction for the W1AW transmissions so any kind of interference will result in garbled reception.

Convert from email to Text or HTML files, and put the files to be sent in the FLAMP Tx folder. If you choose the FILE menu item in FLAMP, then choose FOLDERS, you will see the Tx folder in there. Go to the FLAMP Tx folder and right-click it for its properties. That should show its location in your computer. Make a shortcut on your desktop, as you will be updating the files in there regularly.

In addition to the bulletins, include a brief text file that has information about your station and SGARN. - I send a text and an HTML version of this file, mixed in with the bulletins.

Organization of files:

In many ways, it is easier and more efficient for us all to have standard filenames on files that are updated as new versions of a particular bulletin type appear. To show what I mean, take a look at my FLAMP Tx folder:

Here the files named B,D,K,P, and X are ARRL bulletin files. I have an email program on the same machine as my SGARN Server, and as new versions of any ARRL bulletin come in, I cut and paste the new version into the corresponding FLAMP Tx file, overwriting the old text.

When a new ARLD file comes in, for example, I cut and paste its content into the FLAMP Tx file "D.txt".

This frees me from worrying about ARLxxx numbers, file dates etc. - because the B,D,K,P, and X files in my FLAMP Tx folder always contain the latest versions, which is all that is really important.

Also: The standardized filenames make it easy to automatically load them into the FLAMP transmit queue.

For Southgate Amateur Radio News, I save the email to my desktop as an HTML file, then cut and paste the contents into "SN.htm" , over-writing the existing content of that file and bringing it up to date.

The files SGARN.txt and SGARN.htm are there for hams who are reading the mail on a SGARN multicast, who want to learn more about SGARN, and how to receive the files.

Here is the content of my SGARN.txt

These files are being distributed by the Second Generation amateur radio net (SGARN).

SGARN e-Group:

SGARN Webpage:

Send questions, comments and signal reports to:

End of Text

You can substitute your eMail address for mine so that you get any questions, comments and signal reports for your station.

Here is the content of my SGARN.htm with clickable links

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">

<title>SGARN HF Multicast</title>
These files are being distributed by the Second Generation Amateur Radio Net (SGARN),
<br />
via AMP, Amateur Multicast Protocol.
<br /><br />
<a href="">SGARN e-group</a>
<br /><br />   
<a href="">SGARN Webpage</a>
<br /><br /> 
Send questions, comments and signal reports to <a href="">N5PVL</a>
<br /><br />
End of Text

Again, you have the option of substituting your eMail address and call for mine - or you can use it as it is and I will field any comments or questions.

One of the SGARN bulletins should be at the beginning of your transmit queue, and the other should be located about half-way through.

Here is the content of my FLAMPTXQUEUE.txt file, which sets the order in which the files are loaded into the Tx queue:

To learn more about the FLAMPTXQUEUE.txt file - look over the documentation for FLAMP. Briefly, what this file does is establish which files are to be queued, in which order, and which files will be sent compressed or as plain text.


Finally, as noted in the SGARN SYSOP Guide:

Remember that SGARN is non-political, multinational, and represents amateur radio. Only transmit information that is from recognized, reputable amateur radio news sources. Stations that attempt to transmit "soap-box" or political data will be disavowed by SGARN, and their data will not be propagated by the network. As unpleasant as it is to shun a fellow amateur, it is much more unpleasant to allow them to undercut what we are doing, and damage the hobby's reputation through willful or thoughtless misbehavior. By setting and maintaining a reputable standard of operation, we can assure SGARN's success and good reputation in the long term.

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